Worship Flag Rental Membership
Worship Flag Rental Membership
Worship Flag Rental Membership
Worship Flag Rental Membership
Worship Flag Rental Membership
Worship Flag Rental Membership

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Worship Flag Rental Membership

Never let cost or lack of variety limit your worship expression. The Worship Flag Rental Membership is available for individuals or dance teams and equips you with our most popular multiple-layer worship flags for a price you'll love to help you elevate your praise to the next level.

  • Save money - flag rentals are 68%-72% OFF the regular purchase price
  • Easy to return worship flags with Free return shipping
  • Unlimited access to many Best Sellers & Exclusive worship flags from Catch the Fire Worship Flags.
  • Perfect for dance teams or individuals who want variety but don’t have a large worship budget
  • A generous 30-day rental period ensures you’ll have the right worship flags for your performance with lots of time to practice.
  • Immediate access to our exclusive inventory; worship flags are in stock and will ship the same day, if you purchase before 7am EST.  
  • Don’t see what you want? It’s easy to reserve or request worship flags

*Worship Flag Rental Membership is available in the USA only


Worship Without Limits







  • Purchase a Worship Flag Rental Membership to gain access to Members Area
  • Browse exclusive worship flag inventory and click to rent
  • Receive worship flags in 2-5 days (shipped with Priority Post mail service)
  • Use worship flags for up to 30 days
  • Return worship flags with prepaid shipping label
  • Repeat

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A Living Canvas: God's Unfinished Masterpiece
A Living Canvas: God's Unfinished Masterpiece

A Living Canvas: God's Unfinished Masterpiece


A Living Canvas is a guide to restoration, a guide to setting the Church on fire with revival through true God-worship. You are God’s living canvas.

Each time you enter into true God-worship, you allow Him to transform you, to take you from glory to glory, until you enter into eternity. Until then, you are His unfinished masterpiece.

**available for shipping in the USA only.

About the Author

Ilse Spears was born to worship. So were you! Her worship ministry has taken her across the world to places like the Philippines, Haiti and India. She is a creative worshiper and trains God’s people how to worship, starting with their identity in Christ. She is teaching the Church to embrace their gifts and talents and use them in their worship.

Through her workshops, and now through this book, Ilse is teaching Christians to enter into the throne room of God and worship Him face to face. True God-worship is where heaven meets earth. It’s there, in the presence of God, we are transformed into God’s masterpiece.

Ilse’s heart is to restore the arts back to the Church, as a powerful way to connect our hearts to the heat of our Creator in creative worship.

Worship Flag Workshop (digital version)
Worship Flag Workshop (digital version)

Worship Flag Workshop (digital version)


The On Fire Worship Flagging Workshop is perfect for individuals, small groups, or dance teams who want to learn more about worship flags and their use for praise and worship expression. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why worship flags are important for everyone
  • A biblical foundation of worship flags
  • Shifting atmospheres with worship flags
  • Basic movements to give you confidence

You'll also receive a special bonus video about how to respond if church leaders don't understand or allow the use of worship flags.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand what praise & worship flags are, why and how they are used and have the confidence to use them without feeling self-conscious.


more than a worship flag store...

The Fire Catchers Community


Flagging Workshop

We're 'on fire' to equip emerging and seasoned worshippers to operate in understanding and full authority with praise and worship flags.

Every On Fire Flagging Workshop is tailored to the specific needs and desires of your unique community. Workshops are flexible to accommodate time frames from 60 minutes to 6 hours. 


Online Classroom & Prayer

Join the Fire Catchers Classroom for live teaching via Zoom. It’s the next best thing to being together in person. Get great teaching on a variety of kingdom lifestyle topics, and ask questions and interact with the speaker or other participants.

Monthly prayer meetings is one of our favorite ways to connect and create community by praying together.


ReCharge: Worship Encounter

Fire Catchers don't retreat, we recharge during a 3-day worship encounter in the mountains around Whistler, Canada.

Our agenda is Holy Spirit's agenda as we minister to the Lord with our worship. Deep friendship is formed as we care for one another, teaching and inspiring each other to pursue the Lord, even as he relentlessly pursues us.

What FIRE CATCHERS are SAYing...