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And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. ~Habakkuk 2:2

When Love is Forced

In other words, the media has weaponized love. It’s being used in such a way that makes people who do not consent feel violated, powerless, and not in control of their own body. Hmm, the effects sound similar to a certain controversial word, doesn’t it?

Do You Want an Open Heaven?

Things that are not of God must be torn away - with violence - so you can be wholly devoted to the Lord and ready to not just experience an open heaven but to be an open heaven.

This is What Matters Most

When the worship set is over, you begin to notice you are different, and the atmosphere around you is different. The Kingdom of God is building inside of you. You are going deeper and deeper, and your worship is changing – it’s moving to another level.

Are Worship Flags Right for You?


Be confident using your worship flags right away. Video tutorials are available for you to teach you some flagging basics so that you're free to worship without feeling self conscious.



Every flagging worshipper, from beginner to advanced, will find the perfect worship flags from Catch the Fire Worship Flags.



Worship as deeply as you breathe. Break every inhibition that holds you back and be free to fully worship. Color and movement speak when words aren't enough.


Here's something we think you'll love:

On Fire Worship Flagging Workshop (digital)

The On Fire Worship Flagging Workshop is perfect for individuals, small groups, or dance teams who want to learn more about worship flags and their use for praise and worship expression.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why worship flags are important for everyone
  • A biblical foundation of worship flags
  • Shifting atmospheres with worship flags
  • Basic movements to give you confidence

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On Fire To Build His Kingdom


What if you could change the world by choosing where you buy worship flags and accessories?

You can! Every purchase you make from Catch the Fire Worship Flags helps build the Kingdom. A minimum of 10% is set aside for Kingdom ministries.

You can make an even bigger difference! Look for the 'Made for Missions' badge on select products; 100% of the profit is used to support the underground church in Bhutan.

Building Communities in Uganda

Catch the Fire Worship Flags is a partner with New Chapter Vocational Training Center to transform lives among an under-served segment of Uganda’s rural population so that they are liberated from vulnerability that comes from generational poverty.

New Chapter provides an immersive (live/work) Christian discipleship and vocational training in rural areas for individuals to effectively provide for their own families while providing skills that benefit their rural community and contribute to Uganda’s economy.  

Supporting New Leaders

The upcoming generation aren't our leaders for tomorrow. At Catch the Fire Worship Flags, we believe the next generation are leaders for today.

We partner with organizations like YWAM and Circuit Riders to support young people who are equipped to reach other young people.

We desire young leaders who are empowered and trained to activate every believer and to inspire their generation to love like Jesus.

Unreached People in Bhutan

How often do you think about your freedom to attend a weekend church service? Do you worry about having your property seized or your business license revoked because you’ve talked about Jesus in public? 

Regardless of the consequence, the church in Bhutan is growing.  Catch the Fire Worship Flags is committed to supporting the church in Bhutan as it expands to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to remote areas of unreached people.