It all started because of a vision of heavenly worship. Sound, movement, texture and colors merged to create a multi-sensory experience.

Andrea tried to find something that matched the color & beauty of the worship in the vision but there was nothing like that available.

Wanting to make a quality investment that will last for years, Andrea started to make her own worship flags.

It wasn鈥檛 long before other worshippers who craved to experience deeper worship, like you, began asking Andrea if she sold the flags.

Seeing it as a way to support Kingdom ministries, she agreed to sell the worship flags. Worshippers elevated their praise, and God鈥檚 Kingdom was expanding.

You are making a difference. Every time you purchase from Catch the Fire Worship Flags, we give 10% to individuals and ministries who are making a heavenly impact.


We may be known for many things but we will be remembered only by one thing: our giving love.

~Ann Voskamp

  • Andrea York

    Owner 路 Creator 路 Designer

  • Maria Rissa Alamo

    Admin 路 Social Media 路 Community

  • Gary York

    Builder 路 Shipping 路 Poles

  • Max York

    Photographer 路 Shipping

Some days I feel strong, others I feel defeated. But when I worship...all I feel is God's love.

~Candice Johnson

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