When is the last time you felt rejected, discarded or without value?
Most people have felt the pain of not being included, but there is good news.

So the master told him, ‘All right. Go out again, and this time bring them all back with you. Persuade the beggars on the streets, the outcasts, even the homeless. Urgently insist that they come in and enjoy the feast so that my house will be full.’ ~Luke 14:23

There is a place just for you, and that’s exactly what the Highways & Byways Collection is all about.

Not all the worship flags are added to Collections; sometimes a worship flag prototype is created but it doesn’t fit into a product collection, or our fabric supply isn’t enough to make a pair of worship flags so we are left with half of a set. Other times, there is a flaw in the fabric manufacturing or worship flag production.

We’ve created the Highways & Byways Collection because we believe the worship flags still have value. The prototypes, mismatched sets or flawed pairs are perfect for flagging practice or personal worship.

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If you don't see any flags for sale, that means we are currently out of stock. Add your email to be notified about the next Highways & Bi-ways Collection clearance sale.

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What do the colors mean?

Colors are prophetic, which means God speaking.

Isaiah 55:11 says that every word God speaks has a purpose and the word will accomplish the purpose. You don’t have to have the most or the loudest words, just the right words.

There are times when words are not enough to express your deepest praise and worship. Catch the Fire Worship Flags creates colorful, multi-layer worship flags for worshippers, like you, to help you elevate your praise to the next level.

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more than a worship flag store...

The Fire Catchers Community


Flagging Workshop

We're 'on fire' to equip emerging and seasoned worshippers to operate in understanding and full authority with praise and worship flags.

Every On Fire Flagging Workshop is tailored to the specific needs and desires of your unique community. Workshops are flexible to accommodate time frames from 60 minutes to 6 hours. 


Online Classroom & Prayer

Join the Fire Catchers Classroom for live teaching via Zoom. It’s the next best thing to being together in person. Get great teaching on a variety of kingdom lifestyle topics, and ask questions and interact with the speaker or other participants.

Monthly prayer meetings is one of our favorite ways to connect and create community by praying together.


ReCharge: Worship Encounter

Fire Catchers don't retreat, we recharge during a 3-day worship encounter in the mountains around Whistler, Canada.

Our agenda is Holy Spirit's agenda as we minister to the Lord with our worship. Deep friendship is formed as we care for one another, teaching and inspiring each other to pursue the Lord, even as he relentlessly pursues us.