This is What Matters Most

This is What Matters Most

Officially, we create worship flags. Colorful, multi-layered worship flags, co-created with Holy Spirit to help you elevate your praise to the next level when words aren’t enough to express your deepest worship.  

Our worship flags have exceptional features that I’m really proud to offer you. For example, our worship flags have poles (quiver, flexion, or wood) that are strong and sturdy and sourced from American companies. Plus, the edges on our worship flags are finished for quality, aesthetics, and are durable enough to last for years. Worship flags with poles popping out, or ripped and tattered fabric will become a distant memory.

But the features don’t matter. Not really.

It doesn’t matter because quality worship flags with features you value are only part of your decision but not the real reason you’ve chosen Catch the Fire Worship Flags.

It doesn’t matter because…

What really matters more than anything in the world is what comes after…

When the worship set is over, and after you’ve stored your worship flags for another day. When you move through the mundane tasks of your week, you begin to notice you are different, and the atmosphere around you is different. The Kingdom of God is building inside of you. You are going deeper and deeper, and your worship is changing – it’s moving to another level.

What matters is building His Kingdom around the world, but it starts with you. Just like one of our Fire Catchers, Angel Purdy. Watch her story, and see what praise and worship did for her.

What you behold, you become. When you spend time with Jesus – worshipping him – you are transformed into Him. His nature becomes your nature and His will becomes your will.

I promise, with all my heart, to bring my very best to the work and impart the anointing on me to the worship flags you purchase to make it possible. When you can pick up our worship flags, you will be filled with the vision of Jesus, and experience the Presence of the King.

Are you ready to be changed through worship? What will you do differently, now that you know what matters most?

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